A: Undoubtedly. At 4cryptobet, we work with games that are certified for fair games and our game providers are also the best companies that have been carefully selected to give you a quality gaming experience that is enjoyable and fair. The game providers we work with are as such :

• VIGAMES • Truebookies
• Evolution
• D-Live

And above all of course we are here at your service, our technical team monitors the systems and games 24 hours a day 7 days a week to ensure that the games are fair and properly operated by all parties and thus maintain the most perfect gaming experience for you and the best chances of earning.

A: There is no real limit! All the games on the site can be won with no limited amount and you can simply earn without limits. Earning 50-100 BTC in one round in a casino is no longer a dream and you can bet and earn any amount throughout the site and easily at anytime and anywhere generate significant profits but also enjoy a quality gaming experience like never before. It is important to note that for some of the live casino and live sports games there is a maximum limit for a single bet in this way there is also a profit limit for a single bet but in the bets total there is no limit at all on winnings on a daily level.

A: You can make a deposit of any of the types of currencies we accept easily and conveniently in a few simple clicks. First, enter the site after registering and click on the Cashier button at the top left for computer users and in the side menu for mobile users. After that, a pop-up window will be opened. The popup will be divided into 2 tabs: deposit/withdrawal. When you open the window of the cashier on the "deposit" tab you will immediately see a field for entering the deposit amount in the value of US dollars and choosing the cryptocurrency you want to deposit with for playing on the site. After selecting the amount and currency type, the payment page will appear where you can find a QR code and text address of your private wallet in your account on the website to which the funds are required to be transferred.

A: You can easily withdraw funds from the site back to your crypto wallet in the currency of your choice! Here is how: First enter the site after registering and click on the Cashier button at the top left for computer users and in the side menu for mobile users. After that, a pop-up window will be opened. The popup window will be divided into 2 tabs: deposit/withdrawal. Click on the "Withdrawal" tab and you will immediately be presented with a form that includes - the requested withdrawal amount, the currency you want, and the wallet address that supports the same currency type. Click on the "Send" button and the form will be transferred to the company's finance representatives. Within a short time from the moment the form is submitted, the money will reach the specified crypto wallet. If the funds have not arrived within two hours of the withdrawal request and assuming that the requested amount still exists in the account, please contact the technical support department.

A: The user account is charged immediately. The transfer of funds takes an average of about 15 minutes from the time of the transaction, and you logging into your account including or excluding commission fees of the wallet company. In exceptional cases where a transfer is delayed beyond 15 minutes, it is necessary to check whether the balance in your wallet has decreased and the transaction has indeed been made, if so you should contact technical support.

A: At the moment both the iPhone version and the Android version of the app are in the development procedures. That's why in the meantime, we've taken care of a platform that supports all screens, including your computer, all types of cell phones, and any custom tablet screen. Stay up to date with the news of the 4cryptobet website on social networks and on the home page regarding the release of the app for the various operating systems and download guides.

A: Of course, technical support and customer service is one of our main emphasis in the system. You have a customer service and technical support team that operates around the clock 24/7 and responds to inquiries in about 25 different languages on a variety of different channels at your disposal. Initial support can first of all be obtained through the online chat installed on the site that accompanies you all throughout the site. You can of course contact us on any of our social media channels Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Telegram and of course also email us at our official email address [email protected]. You can also of course contact us via the contact form. Responding to inquiries on any of the media channels is short and almost no need to wait Our representatives wait for any inquiry, problem or question that you may have and provide you with the best response.

A: If you lose more than you planned or can afford don't worry the 4cryptobet team won't let you fall. We run a support team for you under strict criteria for handling "irresponsible gambling" situations. So if you feel that you are losing control or you know a player who you think is losing control contact us, the process is completely anonymous exactly as the use of the site itself.